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December 10

Progressive Holiday Party

The Village of Winding Trails Progessive Holiday Party is around the corner, Saturday, December 10th.

6:30 PM to 8:00 PM Rochelle and Shawn Bower, 1913 Copper Court Appetizers+Drinks

8:00 PM to 9:30 PM Laura and Rich Gebhardt, 561 Prospector Ridge Drive Appetizers+Drinks

9:30 PM to ???? Robin and David Bair, 1943 Still Creek Pass Desserts +Drinks + Entertainment

As a special treat this year, compliments of Robin and David Bair, they will have live entertainment at the last stop featuring Mr. Riley Holtz.

Riley Holtz is a St. Louis musician who combines guitar playing and his mellow vocals to create his own classical style of amazing sound! He is extremely versatile and plays all genres of music from the 40's to current pop and from contemporary to country. In addition to the local music scene Riley has made it through the ranks on American Idol and spent a year entertaining guests on Celebrity cruise lines.

Please RSVP to Holly Fercho at mhafercho@charter.net or 636-458-4594.

Leave your call back information and Holly will follow up with you about what to bring to which house. Everyone brings a scrumptious substantial appetizer or dessert and wine/beer to an assigned house. If you are assigned the first stop for your food and beverage assignment it is important that you show up on time at 6:30 because guests arrive at 6:30. Touch base with the host to make other arrangements if you cannot get your food/bev delivered at 6:30. If you can only join in for one stop or can't make it the entire evening, that is okay. Let Holly know so that she can keep the hosts updated on what to expect in terms of participants and food/beverage.

This evening sounds spectacular. If you are new to the neighborhood this is an excellent opportunity to meet some of your neighbors and if you have lived here for awhile, come on out and join a casual social gathering. Dress attire is holiday fun. Thank you to all the hosts opening their homes for this festive evening and to everyone bringing the food and beverages. See everyone on December 10th.

December 20

Holiday Cookie Exchange

What: The Annual Women of The Village ofWinding Trails Cookie Exchange

When: Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Time: 7:00 PM

Where: Nan Trecker at 548 Prospector Ridge Drive

RSVP: Yes to nanettetrecker@yahoo.com or 636-346-7698
(PS: let Nan know if you can bring an appetizer or beverage

* Sugar Cookies * Cutouts * Spritz * Shortbread * Rumballs * Fudge * Snowcaps * Gingerbread * Pfeffernussen * Linzer *

Cookies, cookies and more cookies! It's that time of year to share your favorite cookies and enjoy some holiday gab with your neighbors. Bring your Moms, bring your grown daughters to delight in some light snacks and beverages followed by the big exchange. Everyone is invited whether you bake or not. If you want to take cookies home with you then you must bring cookies to share. Four dozen of your favorite cookies and your own large take-home container are the only requirements for this fun spirited annual evening. What a wonderful way to add variety to your holiday treats.

Christmas Eve Luminaries

The homes of Winding Trails will once again be lit up with luminaries this year!

We encourage ALL RESIDENTS to participate, as the scene is so much prettier if the luminaries are continuous. Your neighbors will be more than happy to put luminaries out and light them on Christmas Eve if you won’t be in town. You can even call one of the names below to put them out for you if you are having trouble finding someone. The point is, PLEASE PARTICIPATE! We are willing to help.

The cost for one luminary kit is $8.00. The kit contains 10 candles, white luminary bags, sand and detailed instructions. One kit is what an average lot requires. If you have a corner lot or an oversized lot, you will need two kits. Make Checks payable to “Village of Winding Trails”. Place check in an envelope with your name, address and phone number and bring to the Hutson’s home anytime between now and Wednesday, Nov. 30th.
Sharon and Vern Hutson, 432 Still Creek Pass 314-614-4575
Pick up will be at the Gay’s home on Dec. 16th from 5pm-7 pm and 17th from 9am –Noon
Kim Gay, 1927 Larimer Trail, 314-249-7888

If weather conditions prevent lighting the luminaries on Christmas Eve, please go to windingtrails.us for an alternate date. A light snowfall is ok and makes the sight more enjoyable. Rain or heavy snow may cause the day to change.
Happy Holidays and we hope you take part and enjoy the beautiful season and sight!

Budget & Minutes of the Annual Meeting will be posted here.

Minutes of Annual Meeting

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Village of Winding Trails Budget

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Pool Budget

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Pool News for Non Residents

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Hello Village of Winding Trails Neighbors!! In planning for the year ahead we would love to hear your thoughts regarding future events! Please click on the link below complete this very short 5-question, multiple choice survey (you know you love 'em!! ; ) so we can best create a year of neighborhood fun times!!! Thank you!


Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.
David McGinnis 636-821-3061

Note: Emails are occasionally sent out to all residents who signed up for emails.

If you need to update your email address send an email to Newsletter@WingingTrails.US. Can also be used to sign up for emails. Please include you name & address.

Emails are sent Bcc so no one will ever see your email address.

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