"No Solicitors" Sticker Can Keep Strangers From Your Door

Often the arrival of warmer weather also triggers the arrival of door-to-door solicitors. Some people don't mind the occasional knock of someone offering a product or service or who is collecting funds for a charity. Other people would rather not be bothered. Residents who fall into the latter category can stop all solicitors from knocking on their doors or ringing their doorbell by posting a "No Solicitors" notice at their front door.

Residents can now obtain free "No Solicitors" stickers at City Hall, 183 Plaza Dr., or request one be sent to their homes. To request a sticker, call Barb Flint, Administrative Assistant, at (636) 458-0440; or e-mail a request to barb@cityofwildwood.com. Residents can also post their own sign that clearly states "No Solicitors" According to City ordinance, solicitors are required to look for these types of notices and must comply with them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Door-to-Door Solicitors
o The City often gets calls from residents who are unaware Wildwood has ordinances that govern the rights and duties of door-to-door solicitors. These ordinances ensure that the City is aware of who is soliciting door-to-door in our neighborhoods, and that solicitors conduct themselves appropriately. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions.

o Is door-to-door soliciting legal in Wildwood?
Yes it is, but anyone soliciting door-to-door is required to first obtain a Certificate of Registration from the City. This requirement even applies to not-for-profit groups. In addition, all solicitors must have the Certificate in their possession when they are going door- to-door and produce it immediately if a resident or officer of the City requests them to do so. Certificate applications are available at City Hall.

o How early or late in the day are solicitors allowed to knock on my door?
During the months of April through October, solicitors may not knock on doors earlier than 9:00 a.m. or later than 8:00 p.m. From November through March, they must restrict their activity between 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.

o What if I don't have a "No Solicitors" sign displayed, but just don't want to listen to a solicitor?
Any solicitor who has gained access to your property, whether invited or not, must leave immediately and peacefully when asked to do so.

o Who should I call if a solicitor fails to produce their Certificate of Registration when requested, ignores a "No Solicitors" sign, doesn't leave promptly when requested, or makes me feel threatened in some way?
In any of the above instances, residents should immediately call the St. Louis County Police Department at (636) 458-9194 and report the solicitor. The police will then be able to investigate the incident. City Hall staff can't investigate these types of violations-only the Police Department can do that.

Is there any way I can keep solicitors away?

Yes. When residents clearly post a "No Solicitors" sign, all solicitors must adhere to it and leave the premises immediately.

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