VWT 2021 ANNUAL MEETING 1-28-21 @7PM




Dear Residents of The Village of Winding Trails,


The annual meeting for our neighborhood this year will be held Thursday January 28, 2021 at 7:00 pm. Due to Covid-19 virus restrictions, this meeting will be held virtually via Zoom. Ray Edwards will moderate the meeting. To participate you need to send your e-mail address to him at edwards.echr@gmail.com by January 23, five days before the meeting date.


We must have at least 25% attendance by homeowners or proxies to constitute a quorum.  Your attendance is encouraged but if you are unable to attend, please complete the attached proxy and return to any one of the three trustees before January 23, 2020.


During this meeting we will, among other items, discuss and approve a new budget and elect a new trustee. After many years of service to our community and with his term ending, Rick Pfarr has decided to retire as a trustee. This leaves an opening for trustee. Due to a realignment of duties withing the Board of Trustees, the new trustee will have responsibility for the pool and tennis courts. Richard Gebhardt who lives on Prospector Ridge has agreed to run for trustee. If anyone else is interested in running for a three-year term as trustee, please call one of the current trustees to notify us of your desire to be a candidate.


We have also invited several City officials and local law enforcement to attend.


Details of the budget will be available at the meeting and posted on our web site at www.windingtrails.us.


Thank you from your trustees,


David Rosen-McGinnis          Ray Edwards               Rick Pfarr

821-3061                              273-5567                     405-1573

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